Responsibility Pledge

The Clinical Laboratory Responsibility Pledge is the latest in a series of initiatives by Millennium to highlight ethics and strict compliance among clinical diagnostic laboratories in the pain management industry. With this Pledge, we hope to standardize responsible and ethical business practices to which all laboratories should be held accountable. We will continue to advocate, legislate, and if required litigate,* toward this critical goal, on behalf of health care professionals and their patients.

*Millennium Health allocates all proceeds resulting from ethics-related litigation to non-profit organizations, such as Angel Flight, The Pathway Home, National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic and others.

Clinical Laboratory Responsibility Pledge

As the leading research-based clinical diagnostic company dedicated to improving the lives of people suffering from pain…

Millennium Health believes:

The treatment and care of people suffering from pain are of the utmost concern.

The rapid provision of accurate, comprehensive, and valid test results to our customers in support of their care for patients is our primary commitment.

The relationship between our company, health care professionals, payors, and regulators is based upon deep trust, respect, continued learning and mutual engagement.

The health care professional’s decision to order clinical laboratory tests should be based solely on medical necessity and the quality of services provided.

That all clinical laboratories must abide by the compliance requirements, regulations and laws of each state that protect the health care professional and the patient.

That all clinical laboratories should commit to uphold the highest level of integrity and responsibility in their professional and business dealings at all times.

We therefore pledge to:

Adhere to the highest of responsible and ethical business practices as we focus on the mission of serving health care professionals and helping them to improve the lives of people experiencing pain.

Operate an effective compliance program based on the Office of Inspector General’s Compliance Program Guidance for Clinical Laboratories.

Abide by state and federal compliance requirements, regulations and laws guiding the operations of clinical laboratories.

Never offer or provide a service that would place the patient, health care professional or practice at risk.

Substantiate all claims with valid science and never falsely promote our products or services.

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