Health Care Provider Support

Millennium Health Care Provider Support

Dedicated Support from the Ordering of the Test Through to the Patient Follow-Up

Millennium Health is committed to supporting the accuracy and efficacy of your testing process. For both Millennium UDT and Millennium PGT, our toxicologists, clinical experts, and customer support specialists are available from the ordering of the test through to the patient follow-up. Our dedicated team of professionals can answer questions about the testing process and provide support to interpret results and check the status of specimens. Millennium Health provides support throughout the entire testing process so that our customers receive the full benefits of medication monitoring and pharmacogenetic testing.

Millennium Health Customer Benefits

Real Time Clinical Support

Consult with our expert toxicologists and clinical pharmacists available for real-time discussion, results interpretation, education and training every day on the RADAR® and MAPP hotline:
Toll-Free: 866.866.0605
Monday –Friday, 5:00AM to 9:00PM Pacific Time
Saturday –Sunday, 7:00AM to 3:30PM Pacific Time

Practice Profiles

By request, each client can receive a comprehensive Practice Profile, which includes a summary of all practice-specific test results and nationally trending data.

Test Results

The Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype (MAPP®) Report provides practical, medication specific pharmacogenetic results, including:

  • The patient’s predicted phenotype, which identifies how a patient’s genetics may influence their response to certain medications
  • Results interpreted according to published clinical research and expert guidelines (See bibliography).
  • Genetic results that are customized to a patient’s currently prescribed therapy and can identify medication(s) that may need attention by the provider
  • Identification of potentially clinically relevant drug interactions
  • Easy to read icons and user-friendly layout