Andrew A. Lukowiak, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

A strategic leader in the clinical diagnostics space, Lukowiak is known for creating value through relentless focus, cultural transformation, and methodical execution. With almost two decades of experience in the diagnostics industry and having held a diverse set of management responsibilities in a variety of organizations, his broad experiences have provided him the background to comprehensively assess organizational strengths and establish a productive strategic vision for outcome driven execution.

As CEO at Millennium Health, a CLIA laboratory focused on drug testing and medication monitoring, Lukowiak has aligned and empowered a team of highly talented executives to transform the business into a best-in-class organization. His approach to sustainable growth focuses on creating a corporate vision centered around organizational strengths and then executing on that vision through direct communication to promote alignment, continuous change management to support innovation, and trust to drive execution. From deploying innovations in information technology that address the needs of health care providers, to driving clinical excellence through publications derived from Millennium Health’s extensive clinical database, his forward-thinking approach to differentiation in a mature market is both innovative and unparalleled.

Before joining Millennium Health, Lukowiak was CEO and COO of AltheaDx, a commercial stage CLIA laboratory specializing in the combined use of genetics and algorithmic decision support to improve therapeutic outcomes. Prior to AltheaDx he held various management positions at GenmarkDx, Hologic, and Third Wave Technologies, in a variety of areas including Operations, R&D, Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Scientific & Clinical Affairs, Customer Service, and Reimbursement.

Various Selected Membership, Presentations, and Publications Include: