Millennium Health Customer Service

Unsurpassed Customer Support

Dedicated Support from the Ordering of the Test Through to the Patient Follow-Up
Millennium Health is committed to supporting the accuracy and efficacy of your testing process. For both Millennium UDT and Millennium PGT, our toxicologists, clinical experts, and customer support specialists are available from the ordering of the test through to the patient follow-up. Our dedicated team of professionals can answer questions about the testing process and provide support to interpret results and check the status of specimens. Millennium Health provides support throughout the entire testing process so that our customers receive the full benefits of medication monitoring and pharmacogenetic testing.

To learn more about Millennium Health’s services and support, contact us.

Millennium Health Customer Benefits

Real Time Clinical Support
Consult with our expert toxicologists and clinical pharmacists available for real-time discussion, results interpretation, education and training Monday through Friday on the RADAR® and MAPP® hotline:
Toll-Free: (866) 866-0605
Monday –Friday, 5:00AM to 5:30 PT

Practice Profiles

By request, each client can receive a comprehensive Practice Profile, which includes a summary of all practice-specific test results and nationally trending data.

Clinically Actionable Information Delivered at The Right Time.

Comprehensive and easy to read, our Rapid Assessment Drug Adherence Report (RADAR) for medication monitoring offers personalized medication intelligence.

Millennium UDTSM

  • Rapid results generally by end of next business day following specimen receipt at our lab
  • Easy to read summary of results grouped as consistent or inconsistent with prescribed medications indicated on order form
  • Quantitative information on parent drug and metabolite concentrations
  • Integrated Pharmacogenetic test results
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Convenient, online results management

Millennium OFTSM

  • Easy to read summary identifies results as consistent or inconsistent with prescribed medications
  • Expanded clinical interpretation to better inform clinical decision making
  • Easy-to-read tables in the same format as the Millennium UDT RADAR report
  • Customizable report settings that meet the needs of individual providers


An Integrated Platform for Test Management & Data Intelligence

More than just an online ordering platform, Intellium by Millennium Health leverages over 10 years of laboratory excellence, proprietary data intelligence, and clinical expertise to help clinicians improve patient care.

  • Visualize order progress on your customized dashboard with a real-time status bar
  • Access virtual support via our live chat feature
  • Review relevant technical bulletins and clinical resources
  • Compare drug use trends at your practice to your state
  • Utilize testing analytics to help inform medically necessary testing
  • View real-time clinical testing trends
  • Evaluate billing tier summary for your practice
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