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Welcome to Millennium Health, the largest clinical toxicology lab in the United States. At our 194,000-square-foot campus in San Diego, California, our trained staff of over 400 lab personnel work with nearly 200 specialized instruments to help clinicians get their patients on the path to well sooner.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory serves all 50 states and maintains full CAP (Cap) and CLIA (C-L-I-A) licensing and accreditations.

Millennium’s laboratory process begins in our high-efficiency receiving lab. Here, each specimen is registered into our customized Laboratory Management System by a laboratory accessioning specialist. Each sample is then transferred to a uniquely barcoded test tube and centrifuged to remove any particles from the sample.

Each specimen is then transferred to specialized testing plates using advanced liquid handling and sample tracking instruments. After some additional proprietary processing, each sample is loaded onto one of our custom-configured high-throughput LC-MS/MS (L-C-M-S-M-S) instruments where it undergoes analysis. Every step of the process includes a series of quality control checks to ensure accurate drug test results.

Results from the LC-MS/MS (L-C-M-S-M-S) are analyzed by our team of chemists and scientists before being reviewed and approved by one of our certified clinical laboratory scientists.

Each patient’s final results are presented in a Rapid Assessment Drug Adherence Report – or RADAR – a comprehensive, clinically actionable summary of results that clinicians receive through our secure online portal called Millennium CONNECT. UDT results delivered generally by end of next business day following specimen receipt at our lab. OFT results will be delivered generally within 3 business days.

Real-time clinical support is available through our RADAR Hotline where customers can speak with our expert team of toxicologists and clinical pharmacists, who can assist with results interpretation, education and training.

Millennium’s superior technology, fast and reliable results, and excellent customer service, makes it the most distinguished health solutions company in the country.