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Millennium Health Receives MAGNET GROUP Contract for Pharmacogenetic Testing and Medication Monitoring

SAN DIEGO Sept. 25, 2017 – The Mid-Atlantic Group Network of Shared Services (MAGNET GROUP), recently awarded Millennium Health, a leading health solutions company, with a contract for its pharmacogenetic test, Millennium PGTSM, and its medication monitoring services, Millennium UDTSM and Millennium OFTSM. The 9,500 health care providers within the MAGNET GROUP network now have access to these tests to help personalize treatment decisions for patients.

“Our partnership with MAGNET GROUP will provide their clinicians with tools and information to help improve patient medication use,” said Jennifer Strickland, chief executive officer, Millennium Health. “It’s our mission to improve the way patients take their prescription medications and we’re proud to offer our health solutions to the MAGNET GROUP network to achieve that goal.”

Millennium PGTSM is a non-invasive test that helps identify how a patient’s genetic profile may impact their response to certain pain and mental health medications that treat depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety disorder and more. The information from the test helps provide clinicians with a faster and more effective path to optimal medication management, maximizing the benefits of these medications.

Millennium UDTSM (urine drug testing) and Millennium OFT SM (oral fluid testing) enables health care professionals to monitor the use or misuse of prescription medications, non-prescribed medications and illicit substances. The information from the test supports improved clinical decision making.