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Variability in medication response among patients is a well-known challenge for health care providers. Millennium pharmacogenetic testing (PGT) helps providers optimize the use of medications by delivering timely, accurate, clinically actionable information to inform the right treatment decisions for each patient.

Millennium PGT is a non-invasive genetic test utilizing either an oral swab or a saliva specimen to identify how a patient’s genetic pro¬file may impact his or her response to certain medications.
Millennium PGT may help providers identify a faster and more effective path to optimal medication management, helping to maximize the benefits of drug therapy while minimizing the economic, physical, and emotional burdens of ineffective medication trials.

Millennium PGT is available for over 40 commonly prescribed medications across 13 medication classes for conditions including, but not limited to, pain, mental health, and addiction. Results are customized to a patient’s currently prescribed therapy, and help identify medication that may need attention by the provider.


Welcome to Millennium Health, a leading health solutions company that delivers timely, accurate, and clinically actionable information to help health care providers make more effective prescribing decisions that are personalized for each patient. Located on a 194,000-square-foot campus in San Diego, California, our state-of-the-art laboratory serves all 50 states and maintains full College of American Pathologists and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments licensing and accreditations.

As many as 1 in 5 patients do not respond to prescribed medications and adverse events are common. Millennium pharmacogenetic testing, or PGT, provides information to health care providers about how a patient’s unique genetic profile may affect their response to certain medications. Using DNA from a simple oral swab, Millennium PGT analyzes genes related to an individual’s medication response for over 40 commonly prescribed medications across 13 medication classes, removing some of the guesswork to help providers identify the right medication or dose of medication for each patient.

The process begins in our high-efficiency receiving lab. Here, each specimen is sorted and registered into our customized Laboratory Management System by a laboratory accessioning specialist. The specimens are first incubated and DNA from each specimen is extracted and transferred to specialized plates using advanced liquid handling and specimen tracking instruments.

After additional processing, including a process that targets specific DNA regions of interest, samples are transferred onto a micro-fluidic testing chip, undergo DNA amplification, and genetic variations are detected.

Results are analyzed, reviewed and approved by one of our certified clinical laboratory scientists.

Each patient’s final results are presented in a MAPP Report or Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype. The report is customized to a patient’s prescribed therapy and includes clinical interpretation to guide the provider’s selection of medications best suited to the patient’s genetic profile.

Real-time clinical support is available 7-days a week through our MAPP Hotline where customers can speak with our expert team of clinical pharmacists, genetic scientists, and PhDs who can assist with results interpretation, education and training.

Millennium Health’s superior technology, fast and reliable results, detailed MAPP report and excellent customer service make it the preferred health solutions company.

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