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Improving the Lives of People Suffering from Pain, Addiction and Other Disorders

Millennium Health has advanced the science of medication monitoring with cutting edge technology and drug detection services. It is our goal to provide clinicians with critical assessment tools and resources to help create individualized treatment plans for more personalized care while helping to reduce health care costs.
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Customer Benefits

Medication Monitoring with Millennium UDTSM and Millennium OFTSM utilizes proprietary testing methodologies designed to support improved clinical decision-making based on objective information that helps clinicians:

  • Monitor and support decisions about medication therapy, particularly controlled substances
  • Identify recent use of prescription medications, non-prescribed medications and illicit substances
  • Detect medications that may result in a drug-drug interaction
  • Advocate for and communicate with patients about individual treatment plans
  • Identify possible illicit drug or medication abuse, misuse or diversion
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Millennium UDT Features

  • Extensive test menu of more than 95 drugs and metabolites for prescription medications and illicit substances
  • Clinically validated cutoff levels
  • Minimal sample volume requirement (1-2 mL)
  • Cost-effective individual test selection that supports choice based on medical necessity
  • Unsurpassed service and support

Comprehensive and easy to read, our Rapid Assessment Drug Adherence Report (RADAR®) provides:

  • Rapid results generally by end of next business day following specimen receipt at our lab
  • Easy to read summary of results grouped as consistent or inconsistent with prescribed medications
  • Quantitative information on parent drug and metabolite concentrations
  • Integrated Pharmacogenetic test results
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Convenient, web-based results management

Pharmacogenetic Testing with Millennium PGTSM

  • Assists clinicians in determining the right drug and right dose
  • Helps clinicians minimize trial and error prescribing, potentially shortening the time it takes for patients to feel better. Provides objective and clinically actionable results that may help clinicians make more effective prescribing decisions that are personalized for each patient

Millennium PGT Features

  • Evidence-based and guideline driven with clinically actionable result
  • Dedicated support from the ordering of the test through patient follow up in-house clinical expertise dedicated to providing real-time discussion, results interpretation and education
  • A targeted gene offering in pain, mental health, cardiovascular and addiction

Millennium PGT now analyzes clinically relevant genetic variants for 14 genes related to medication response to help clinicians individualize prescribing decisions. The Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype (MAPP®) Report provides clinicians with evidence based and clinically actionable information to support medication decisions for over 41 commonly prescribed medications across 12 medication classes.

The Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype (MAPP®) Report provides clinically actionable, medication specific pharmacogenetic results, including:

  • The patient’s predicted phenotype, which identifies how a patient’s genetics may influence their response to certain medications
  • Results interpreted according to published clinical research and expert guidelines
  • Identification of potentially clinically relevant drug interactions
  • Easy to read icons and user-friendly layout

Real Time Clinical Support

Consult with our expert toxicologists and clinical pharmacists available for real-time discussion, results interpretation, education and training Monday through Saturday on the RADAR/MAPP Hotline.
(866) 866-0605
Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Pacific Time
Saturday, 7:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Pacific Time