Millennium Health Pharmacogenetic Testing

Millennium PGTSM now analyzes clinically relevant genetic variants for 14 genes related to medication response to help clinicians individualize prescribing decisions. The Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype (MAPP®) Report provides clinicians with evidence based and clinically actionable information to support medication decisions for over 40 commonly prescribed medications across 13 medication classes.

Shorten Time To Well

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What is Millennium PGT ?

Millennium Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGT) is a non-invasive genetic test utilizing an oral swab to identify how a patient’s genetic profile may impact his or her response to certain medications. Two patients, with the same diagnosis and prescribed the same medication and dose, may exhibit significantly different clinical responses.

The information from the test may provide health care providers a faster and more effective path to optimal medication management, helping to maximize the benefits of drug therapy while minimizing the economic, physical, and emotional burdens of ineffective medication trials.

Right Drug, Right Dose

Prescribe the right drug and the right dose

  • Move beyond trial and error
  • Get help identifying the best medication for your patient
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Provides customers access to genetic scientists and clinical pharmacists for live discussions


Provides evidence-based and guideline driven information with in-house clinical expertise for additional support


Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype (MAPP) provides medication specific pharmacogenetic results. (See bibliography)

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Millennium PGT was developed and its performance characteristics determined by Millennium Health, LLC. The FDA does not require clearance or approval for clinical laboratory developed tests. Millennium PGT is a clinical test and its results should be used with other clinical and diagnostic findings for patient case management. Although genetic variants may have a significant impact on medication metabolism, response can also be affected by factors such as age, race, disease comorbidities, diet and other medications an individual might be taking. These other factors should be considered in addition to the pharmacogenetic information.