Jason’s Story

“Millennium PGT is a true game changer.” 

Jason Mower MMS, PA-C of Glenn Medical Center calls Millennium PGT “the next generation of personalized medicine” and a “true game changer.” Before PGT, several of his patients with depression and anxiety had tried multiple medications without success or with severe side effects.

“It’s painful to see what these patients have lived through. Especially for those with anxiety disorders, as their previous bad experiences make them nervous to try new medications, even though that is often a key element in their plan of care,” says Jason. “It is a true pleasure to see their eyes light up when they realize how valuable this tool is to help manage and tailor their future care.”

Jason recalls one patient who had been prescribed an antidepressant by his psychiatrist. Although it worked to control his anxiety, it also causedsevere side effects that he was told he would have to live with. His PGT results showed that this medication was not genetically favorable and Jason was able to identify a different medication with low genetic risk. For the first time in years, the patient is now headache and nausea free, and his anxiety is well controlled.

“Our goal is to connect our patients to what matters most to them which is the essence of patient- centered care. PGT is a fantastic tool in this pursuit and helps empower patients to live their best lives,” adds Jason.

Jason and his Millennium Health representative Kristine