Lisa’s Story

“Through this new telemedicine option with Millennium OFT℠, we like that we are not inconveniencing anyone, but instead allowing them to receive good care that fits within their day-to-day routine.”

Drishti Bend out of Bend, Oregon is a treatment agency that primarily works with people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Historically, Drishti primarily utilized Millennium UDT℠ for drug testing, and Millennium OFT℠ occasionally when a staff member wasn’t available to observe the urine collection process.

However, in early March, the owner of Drishti, Lisa Rosen, LCSW, CADC III started paying close attention to the growing concerns regarding COVID-19 and by Friday, March 13th, she decided to shut down her in person operations. On that following Monday, Lisa was set up for telemedicine appointments and she began trying out a variety of telemedicine drug testing options without success, including allowing patients to conduct urine tests at their homes. When her sales representative suggested using OFT with offsite care, she jumped on it and they began immediately.

As soon as her patients receive the collection kits that Millennium Health mails directly to her patients, Lisa sets up a telemedicine appointment where she asks her patients a list of questions to help determine medical necessity. Once she has created the order and entered the OFT specimen barcode into Intellium℠, she observes the patient collect a specimen and seals it within the provided packaging.

According to Lisa, “We implemented this new process to allow for continued test frequency during COVID-19 as an ancillary support measure, yet now, we see it as standard practice of care. It has been amazing, and I think it is going to become a new essential component of our drug treatment program moving forward.”

Lisa adds, “It is impossible to create a drug testing cadence that fits everyone’s schedules. Through this new telemedicine option with Millennium OFT, we are allowing them to receive good care that fits within their day-to-day routine. Our clients now don’t have to plan their day around when they are going to do a drug test.”