Sam’s Story

“The patients are now more open to expanded dialogue regarding their thoughts and feelings.”

Sam Robinson, Practice Manager for Corvallis Pain Management (CPM) has been a customer for over three years. Based in Corvallis, Oregon, CPM is a clinic that focuses on providing patients with cutting-edge treatment options for managing their pain, as well as treating other pain-related illnesses and conditions.

CPM relies upon Millennium Health to provide education regarding guidelines published by professional organizations on prescribing opioids for patients with pain. Sam appreciates that through Intellium℠, they are better able to quantify current drug use trends within his community and make better judgment calls. “By staying ahead of these trends, we have the opportunity for educating our patients through honest and open dialogue.”

CPM was eager to work with Millennium Health as they navigated the challenges of COVID-19.

“Millennium Health has made it so easy for us. From the clear and concise education, to the streamlined process of getting the oral fluid drug testing kits to the patients, we have really appreciated the support we have received from our sales representative David and the clinical and toxicology teams.”

In addition, they realized an unexpected benefit of offsite patient care…an improved patient experience. They have found that through this option, the patient feels more connected to their staff because when they are interacting on the screen, the patient is more likely to discuss other aspects of their health that they may not have normally shared. According to Sam, “The patients are now more open to expanded dialogue regarding their thoughts and feelings. It has also resulted in better engagement between ourselves and the patient’s other healthcare providers or counselors, such as their addiction specialists.”

Sam says they are not looking at COVID-19 exclusively in a negative light, but as an opportunity for innovation that will propel them forward in their community. He asks, “What are we going to take from this situation for the future? How can we better improve the patient experience and engagement with the wider healthcare community? This challenging situation is resulting in more discussions regarding thoughts and feelings and allows us to be even more proactive with our patients, which only serves to improve patient care. It will be interesting to see the positives that will come out of this experience.”