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The rising costs and far reaching impacts caused by the underuse, overuse or misuse of prescription medications threatens our health care system, our communities and our loved ones. The financial impact of this issue is staggering. Approximately $320 billion is spent annually on prescription medications. However, an additional $300 billion is spent on addressing issues related to improper or ineffective use of those medications, creating $300 billion in excess costs. We need to get smarter.

Millennium Health is personalized medication intelligence. We help optimize the use of medications by delivering accurate, timely information to inform the right treatment decisions for each patient at the right time.

The change in our brand to Millennium Health better reflects our breadth of services that enable us to provide personalized and targeted health solutions to our customers.  From our ongoing investments in research and development to the acquisition of RxAnte,  which enables us to provide  a valuable suite of sophisticated data analytics, we are more than just a laboratory – and we want our customers and partners to think of us as a total solution provider. 

We are ready to take on the challenges before us. We are Millennium Health.

Our Services

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset and and we strongly believe that their integrity, creativity and dedication are the building blocks of our future success.

Our Values

We are a values driven organization that responds to evolving health care challenges to provide superior technology and service.

PGT ConsultSM

An interactive tool to help optimize treatment

PGT Consult is a mobile app that builds upon the value of Millennium PGT by providing evidence-based information that allows clinicians to interactively explore the impact of a patient’s genetics on medication response. More Info  |  Log In

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