Urine Drug Testing

Medication Monitoring with
Millennium UDT – Urine Drug Testing

Accurate urine drug testing using LC-MS/MS technology delivers drug-specific results

Millennium UDT utilizes proprietary testing methodologies designed to support improved clinical decision-making based on objective information that helps clinicians

  • Monitor and support decisions about medication therapy, particularly controlled substances
  • Identify recent use of prescription medications, non-prescribed medications and illicit substances
  • Detect medications that may result in a drug-drug interaction
  • Advocate for, and communicate with, patients about individual treatment plans
  • Identify possible illicit drug or medication abuse, misuse or diversion

Clinical Urine Drug Testing and Medication Monitoring from Millennium Health Offers:

  • Extensive test menu of more than 95 drugs and metabolites for prescription medications and illicit substances
  • Clinically validated cutoff levels
  • Minimal sample volume requirement (1-2 mL)
  • Cost-effective individual test selection that supports choice based on medical necessity
  • Unsurpassed service and support

Comprehensive and Easy to Read, our Rapid Assessment Drug Adherence Report (RADARĀ®) Provides:

  • Rapid results generally within one day of specimen receipt at our lab
  • Easy to read summary of results grouped as consistent or inconsistent with prescribed medications indicated on order form
  • Quantitative information on parent drug and metabolite concentrations
  • Advanced reporting features, such as historical view of your patients’ results over time
  • Convenient, online results management

Real Time Clinical Support

Consult with our expert toxicologists and clinical pharmacists available for real-time discussion, results interpretation, education and training every day on the RADARĀ® Hotline 866.866.0605

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