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Information for Patients on Millennium’s Billing Policies

Millennium Health has taken significant steps to reduce the costs of urine drug testing, including negotiating “in‐network” status with most major insurance companies, establishing financial support programs for patients without insurance, and working compassionately with those patients who cannot afford to pay for our services. For many patients with insurance, however, individual insurance plans, including governmental programs, may hold the patients responsible for a portion of Millennium’s charges. Download 2014 Annual Physician’s Notice

A summary of Millennium’s current billing policies is set forth below:

Insured Patients are Billed Deductibles, Co‐Insurance and Co‐Payments as Required by their Insurance Provider

Most insurance providers, with some exceptions, require Millennium to bill patients for any applicable deductible, co‐insurance and co‐payment amounts, as reflected on explanations of benefits (“EOBs”) or similar statements furnished by the insurer. These amounts are determined by your insurer, not by Millennium.

When Millennium is not contracted with an insurance plan, we will typically bill patients for the amount designated by their plan as the patient’s responsibility, including any balance remaining on the bill if the insurer pays less than the “usual and customary,” “reasonable,” or “allowable” charge (collectively the “Allowable Charge”) for the services provided. The Allowable Charge will be determined by your insurer on the EOB. If the full Allowable Charge is paid to Millennium by the insurer, patients will not be billed by Millennium.

Services performed for Workers’ Compensation patients will be billed directly to Workers’ Compensation Plans at our standard rates or as negotiated between Millennium and such plans. There is generally no patient responsibility in these circumstances.

Insurance Payments Made Directly to Patients

Some insurers may send the insurance payment for Millennium’s services directly to patients. We do not support this policy as it may affect Millennium’s ability to provide other financial support programs. Patients that receive a check for services provided by Millennium are responsible for forwarding this payment to Millennium. Please write on the back of the check “Pay to Millennium Health,” include a signature and mail to Millennium at the address below:

Millennium Health, LLC
c/o Billing Department
16981 Via Tazon
San Diego, CA 92127

If patients do not forward the payments to Millennium, Millennium may send these patients to an outside collection agency. For those insurance companies that engage this policy and for which Millennium is not contracted, Millennium typically does not hold the patients responsible for any balances above the amount they received and remitted back to Millennium as payment for our services.

Patient Billing, Payment Support Options and Financial Support Program

Millennium understands that providing quality patient care has a related cost, which in some situations may be burdensome for patients and result in some patients avoiding certain necessary services because they are concerned about the expense. Millennium is committed to delivering the best patient care to all, and to meet this objective has established programs to ensure affordable access to Millennium’s services.

The Company will send a Statement of Account to patients who are responsible for deductibles, coinsurance, co‐payments or other balance as set forth above. The following payment options, which are subject to change, may apply:

  • Prompt Payment Discount. Millennium may offer prompt pay discounts covering co‐payments, co‐insurance and deductibles for patients not covered by Millennium’s contracted health insurance plans. The rate shall be determined by Millennium at its sole discretion. Currently, Millennium offers a 60% prompt pay discount for balances paid in full within 30 days. The prompt pay discount will not apply to uninsured patients or to patients with insurance who opt to pay for Millennium’s services out‐of‐pocket.
  • No Insurance. If you are not insured, or your health plan does not cover these types of laboratory tests, MillenniumHealth may offer an uninsured rate. There is a separate rate for UDT and PGT. Please contact the Patient Billing Services for rates based on the services.
  • Payment Plan. Millennium may enter into a payment plan for outstanding balances; eligibility shall be individually determined.
    Payment Plan Agreement
    Acuerdo de Pla de Pago
  • Patient Financial Support Program. Patients with special financial needs may be eligible for additional support to help defray some of Millennium’s testing costs. Millennium encourages those patients who may not be able to pay fully for Millennium’s services to contact us for an assessment of eligibility for financial support in accordance with federal guidelines.
    Patient Financial Support Application
    Solicitud de Apoyo Económico

All patients are encouraged to call Patient Billing Services (877‐451‐7337) if they have questions or concerns about their bill. The Patient Billing Services line is available Monday through Friday, from 6am PST – 5pm PST. Spanish‐speaking customers should call (877‐451‐7337 ext. 3205).

All information subject to change without notice.