Empowering Clinicians with Comprehensive Drug Testing and Data Insights

Millennium Health is an accredited specialty laboratory with over 15 years of experience in medication monitoring and drug testing services, helping clinicians monitor use of prescription medications and illicit drugs and analyzing specimens to find nationwide drug use trends.

Industry Credibility

  • CAP Accredited and CLIA Certified laboratory
  • Licensed to process specimens from all 50 states, including New York
  • Expert toxicologists, clinical pharmacists, PhDs, and MDs available for real-time discussion, results interpretation, education and training
  • Published peer-reviewed studies on nationwide drug use trends
  • Comprehensive compliance programs

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide rapid and reliable healthcare solutions that our employees

take pride in, patients and clinicians trust and payers value.

Product Offerings

Millennium Health’s drug testing solutions offer objective information to support improved clinical decision-making.

Clinical Excellence

As part of our commitment to clinical excellence, we conduct ongoing evaluation of our drug test results (using Intellium®) with the goal of providing timely information to help improve the efficient use of available resources and ultimately curb the significant impact of drug overdose deaths.