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More than just an online ordering platform, Intellium leverages over 15 years of laboratory excellence, proprietary data intelligence, and clinical expertise to help clinicians improve patient care.

Compliance-driven functionality and clinical expertise combined with real-time data analytics help make test ordering more efficient.

Start using Intellium to optimize test utilization and discover relevant insights about your practice and drug use trends today.

Cleverly Convenient

Intellium takes the burden out of managing your test ordering workflow.

  • Visualize order progress on your customized dashboard with a real-time status bar
  • Track and easily resolve your order issues
  • Ensure secure access to test results on our HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Comprehensively manage patient information
  • Record point-of-care results
  • View, print, and download RADAR® reports

Personalized Approach

Intellium optimizes your experience with intuitive user support.

  • Access virtual support via our live chat feature
  • Review relevant technical bulletins and clinical resources

Collective Intelligence

Intellium empowers you to extract deeper insights.

  • Compare drug use trends at your practice to your state
  • Utilize testing analytics to help inform medically necessary testing
  • Evaluate individual patient testing frequency
  • Quickly access historical patient and test results
  • View real-time clinical testing trends
  • Evaluate billing tier summary for your practice

HITRUST CSF® Certified

Intellium and its supporting infrastructure are HITRUST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Certified.

This certification ensures that our laboratory information systems are well vetted and secure.

HITRUST CSF Certification is the gold standard for health care information security and demonstrates that we meet and exceed regulations to safeguard sensitive information and manage information risk.

Intellium Select℠

Intellium Select is an interactive tool that allows clinicians to stratify patients into periodic drug test groups aligned with clinical guidelines and medical necessity.

This tool provides you with:

  • Ability to customize patient groups based on individual testing needs
  • Frequency options ranging from 1 Time Weekly to 1 Time Annually*
  • Email reminders when your Intellium Select reports are available
A screen example of what Intellium Select looks like.

* All decisions to test a particular patient at a particular time must be based on the clinician’s determination of medical necessity. Criteria to establish medical necessity for drug testing must be based on patient-specific elements identified during the current clinical assessment and documented by the clinician in the patient’s medical record.

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