Continuum by Millennium HealthSM

Continuum provides clinicians with drug testing options for telemedicine.

Our oral fluid drug testing (OFT) specimen collection kit can be sent at no additional cost:

  • directly to patients, or
  • to your practice so you can distribute to patients

How It Works:

  1. Clinician determines medical necessity for a drug test and orders the appropriate tests
  2. Patient receives specimen collection kit
  3. Patient provides a specimen during telemedicine appointment, as directed by their clinician
  4. The specimen is sent to the lab (at no cost to the clinician or patient)

Advantages of Continuum by Millennium Health:

  • Overcomes challenges to in-office specimen collection (e.g., social-distancing guidelines)
  • Safe and convenient testing option for patients
  • OFT collection can be observed during telemedicine appointment, mitigating tampering
  • Enables uninterrupted medication monitoring

Only the clinician can decide which patients participate in Continuum based on medical necessity. Criteria to establish medical necessity for drug testing must be based on patient-specific elements identified during the current clinical assessment and documented by the clinician in the patient’s medical record.

Collecting and Shipping an Oral Fluid Specimen Is Simple and Convenient

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