Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Oral Fluid Drug Testing in our lab

Enhanced Medication Monitoring With Millennium OFT SM Delivered On Our Expanded RADAR® Report

Comprehensive and easy to read, our Rapid Assessment Drug Adherence Report (RADAR) for oral fluid testing provides:

  • Easy to read summary identifies results as consistent or inconsistent with prescribed medications
  • Expanded clinical interpretation to better inform clinical decision making
  • Easy-to-read tables in the same format as the Millennium UDTSM RADAR report
  • Customizable report settings that meet the needs of individual providers

Medication Monitoring and Drug Detection with Flexibility

Providing a urine specimen for analysis may be challenging for some patients or in some settings. Millennium oral fluid drug testing (OFT) offers drug-specific identification and quantification of medications and illicit substances utilizing a convenient, observable collection method providing reliable results.

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