Jeffrey P. Bush, CT (ASCP), MBA

Senior Vice President, Market Access

Jeffrey Bush has over 30 years of experience in diagnostic, medical device and clinical laboratory industries, and applies his expertise to the development and implementation of market access and business development strategies as they intersect at the point of healthcare product commercialization. He has a proven track record as a leader across the industry managing substantial portfolios within start-up, mid-sized, and Fortune 200 companies.

Bush leads Millennium Health’s business-critical market access efforts, working with both payers and providers to ensure all parties’ voices are heard. He and his team draw on their decades of payer engagement experience to focus on supporting clinical utility amid the constantly changing healthcare landscape. In addition, Bush leads his team of market access professionals to work with stakeholders to make sure professional clinical guidelines and recommendations are incorporated into payer policies to meet patient care needs.

Prior to joining Millennium Health, Bush founded, built and led a successful consulting practice serving clients in the medical device, diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratory markets. He has a deep understanding of major worldwide healthcare payment systems, honed through years of hands-on, practical experience and study, which he has leveraged to inform a variety of business development strategies and actions, including mergers and acquisitions, IPO preparations, spin-offs, entity valuations, and incremental value creation for existing products.

Bush earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from California State University, a certificate in Cytotechnology from Loma Linda University and an MBA from Colorado State University.