Kristen Baker

Senior Vice President, Sales

Kristen Baker has played a fundamental role within the sales organization at Millennium Health since 2010. Prior to joining the company, she spent ten years providing direct patient care within the physical therapy space for post-surgical care, with a strong emphasis on handling complicated and elaborate worker’s compensation situations.

Her experience and passion for helping others, combined with her desire to make a positive impact on patient care led her to Millennium Health, where she plays a key role in educating customers regarding the importance of drug testing and in turn, reaching those in need of our services. Watching so many individuals struggle with substance use disorder through both a professional and personal lens, combined with her experiences of treating patients facing daily chronic pain, has sharpened her focus on ensuring that we are providing best in class testing services to clinicians across the country.

Over the years, Baker has climbed the ranks within the sales team. She started as a Sales Representative in the Southeast area and quickly progressed into leadership roles, including positions on both regional and national levels. An energetic and cross-functional leader with vast experience within the diagnostic space, she understands the inner operations of each department within the company, which has allowed her to develop and oversee a strong, collaborative and extremely well-educated sales force.

As Senior Vice President of Sales, Baker is responsible for providing the strategic vision for the national sales force and marketing department. This includes sales methodology, brand messaging, outreach campaigns and brand development initiatives.

Baker’s sales abilities and leadership have been recognized both within and outside of the healthcare space. She has been asked to speak as a keynote for a national franchise on the Philosophy of Sales and has provided a series of educational webinars for a global executive coaching firm with topics including the sales funnel, closing, body language, and customer service. She also serves on the Steering Committee of the Women at Millennium Health (WAMH) affinity group and is co-chair of the Leadership and Mentorship committee. Baker has her Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from the University of South Alabama.