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Primary care clinician discussing Medication Monitoring with Urine Drug Testing with patient

Medication Monitoring with Urine Drug Testing in Primary Care

Accurate urine drug testing using LC-MS/MS technology delivers drug-specific results

Primary care clinicians are faced with the challenge to diagnose and find effective treatment solutions for a wide variety of conditions, such as pain, anxiety and depression. Prescription medications are commonly used for symptom management. Utilization of pharmacotherapy is steadily on the rise. For antidepressants alone, there was a 400% increase in use over a 20 year period between 1988-2008 in the United States.1

Medication monitoring with urine drug testing (UDT) is a key clinical tool providing clinicians with objective information to support decisions about medication therapy. Millennium UDTSM can help clinicians:

  • Monitor and support decisions about medication therapy, particularly controlled substances
  • Identify recent use of prescription medications, non-prescribed medications and illicit substances
  • Detect medications that may result in a drug-drug interaction
  • Advocate for and communicate with patients about individual treatment plans
  • Identify possible illicit drug or medication abuse, misuse or diversion

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