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Pharmacogenomics Adds Precision to the Practice of Medicine

Evaluating the Genetic Variations Influencing Patient Response to Drugs

One of the most practical applications of precision medicine lies within the field of pharmacogenomics, a portmanteau of pharmacology and genomics. It is a discipline designed for tailoring drug treatments to an individual’s genetic make-up.

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Wahlberg film “If Only” premieres at TMHS

TEWKSBURY – It was a somber Wednesday night, after the film ‘If Only’ premiered at Tewksbury Memorial High School. The movie was filmed at TMHS, St. William’s Church, Tewksbury Country Club, and other locations around town and featured a number of local students as actors.

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“If Only” Featured on NBC 7 San Diego

Air date: Monday, June 8, 2015

Millennium Health and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation premiered “If Only,” a movie about the dangers of youth misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, Monday, June 8, at 7 p.m. at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla. The film and a discussion toolkit are available online as a component of the Drop Them Off campaign that launched earlier this year. The campaign aims to increase awareness among teenagers, parents and the public about the importance of ensuring safe use, storage and disposal of prescription drugs.

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Medical Monitoring

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​If you’re managing chronic pain with medication, you may be wondering why toxicology screens are needed and why you’re asked to participate in them. More than identifying prescription abuse, medical monitoring helps ensure proper medications at correct doses, and helps prevents harmful drug interactions or other forms of toxicity. Further, new advances in genetic testing offer more personalized care that can speed up pain relief—safely.

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