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U.S. Court of Appeals Vacates Judgment Against Millennium Health

Court rejects Ameritox’s jury award, rules in favor of Millennium

SAN DIEGO (Sept. 3, 2015) — The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit vacated a district court’s judgment stemming from the June 2014 jury award of approximately $12 million in favor of Ameritox. The Court concluded that the District Court “abused its discretion” in allowing Ameritox’s “outlandish” claims to reach the jury and that Ameritox’s pursuit of its case “wasted both judicial resources and Ameritox’s money.”Read More

Your Tango: 6 Reasons to Watch This Other, Other Wahlberg Movie With Your Teen

Teenage abuse of prescription drugs is a huge, easily fixed problem. Check out If Only with your kids to see what you can do.

You know that little person living your home who probably doesn’t know how to use the washing machine? No, not your father-in-law (but you may need to straighten him out too), your teenaged kid. Yeah, the guy or girl that still needs you to make doctor’s appointments on his behalf may be sneaking into your medicine cabinet chasing some kind of high. Per the Partnership For Drug Free Kids’ Medicine Abuse Project, 25% of teens report abusing/misusing prescription drugs and it’s the poison of choice for 12 and 13-year olds. “Yikes!” is an appropriate response but talking to them about it immediately is an even more appropriate one.

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Pharmacogenomics Adds Precision to the Practice of Medicine

Evaluating the Genetic Variations Influencing Patient Response to Drugs

One of the most practical applications of precision medicine lies within the field of pharmacogenomics, a portmanteau of pharmacology and genomics. It is a discipline designed for tailoring drug treatments to an individual’s genetic make-up.

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