Signals Alert: Parafluorofentanyl

Millennium Health Signals AlertIdentifies Surge of Parafluorofentanyl in the Western U.S.

Clinicians and public health officials in the West should maintain awareness of parafluorofentanyl use in their communities

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – September 11, 2023 – According to an analysis of over 90,000 urine drug test results, use of the potent fentanyl analogue, parafluorofentanyl, has increased dramatically in the Western U.S.

This analysis shows geographical trends in parafluorofentanyl detection in fentanyl-positive urine specimens from September 2022 through August 2023 and determined the percent change between the first and last 3-month periods (September – November 2022 vs. June – August 2023).

  • Parafluorofentanyl dramatically increased in the Pacific and Mountain divisions from March to August of 2023 but generally declined in all other Census divisions
  • Significant increases were observed in the Pacific (+61%) and Mountain (+170%) divisions between the first and last 3-month periods; significant decreases occurred in the West South Central, East North Central, East South Central, and South Atlantic divisions

Change in 3-Month UDT Parafluorofentanyl Detection by U.S. Census Division

According to Millennium Health Chief Clinical Officer Angela G. Huskey, PharmD, CPE, “We are concerned about this recent Western surge, as parafluorofentanyl-involved overdose deaths increased substantially from 2020-2021, especially in Eastern portions of the U.S., where it’s been more prevalent. We must all remain extra vigilant and continue to monitor the situation closely.”

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